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One of my lifelong goals is to become a certified Missouri Master Naturalist.

As part of that pursuit, I have spent much of 2020 studying plants native to Missouri.

This series will be a regular, ongoing project as I continue to fortify my knowledge of Missouri history, conservation, and natural resources.

Missouri Native Species Collection

Shaw Nature Reserve: Wetland Mitigation Bank Tour

October 16, 2020

Shaw Nature Reserve (SNR) is an extension of the Missouri Botanical Garden network. Located along the Meramec River in Gray Summit, Missouri, the reserve encompasses 2,400 acres of diverse landscape s...


Maramec Spring Park

August 31, 2020
Maramec Spring Park

Located in St. James, Missouri, Maramec Spring Park is a multi-purpose destination for camping, hiking, trout fishing, and much more. Located along the Meramec River just a few miles south of the St. ...


The Partridge Pea

August 25, 2020

While jogging through my favorite native grassy field, I noticed a little pop of yellow well-hidden behind some other tall grasses. I stopped to observe a delicate and floppy little flower, and later ...


The Butterfly Weed

July 14, 2020

The next installment of my Missouri Native Species Collection is the beautiful Butterfly Weed, Asclepias tuberosa. I have been waiting all Summer for migratory butterflies to begin descending upon Mis...


The Yellow Coneflower

July 8, 2020

The next installment of my Missouri Native Species Collection features the very recognizable Yellow Coneflower. A native to Missouri, the Yellow Coneflower is unique in its coloring. All other member...


The Wild Bergamot

July 1, 2020
Wild Bergamot Side View

Up next in my Missouri Native Species Collection is the Wild Bergamot flower. The Wild Bergamot, most commonly referred to as "Bee Balm", is a plant native to North America. Sprawling far and wide ...


The Carolina Horsenettle

June 23, 2020

During quarantine I began regularly exploring a protected grassy field near my neighborhood. Earlier this Spring I discovered an abundance of Spiderwort, a plant native to Missouri and North America. ...


The Spiderwort

May 26, 2020
Native Species Spiderwort

A wild patch of land near my neighborhood produces an incredible assortment of wildflowers every Spring. This field will usually contain White Hawthorn, white and red Clovers, Columbines, Asters, Blue...


Mingo National Wildlife Refuge

May 15, 2020
Mingo National Wildlife Refuge Trees in Water

Mingo National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is a nationally-protected wildlife sanctuary located in Southeastern Missouri. Named for the region's original inhabitants, the Mingo Tribe, Mingo NWR is a bottoml...


Rockwoods Reservation

May 8, 2020
Rockwoods Reservation Ferns

Deep into the outskirts of Saint Louis County lies one of Missouri's oldest conservation areas, Rockwoods Reservation. Offering nearly 2,000 acres of wildlife habitat, Rockwoods Reservation features b...