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A collection of personal stories about my life and adventures in travel.

Weekend Getaway to Boca Raton

February 6, 2020

I am horrible at keeping secrets. I'm the person that tries to give gifts early. Whether it is Christmas or a birthday celebration, I get too excited. It is difficult for me to withhold information f...

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J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge

January 21, 2019

Despite having visited Sanibel Island more times than any other out-of-state destination, I had never toured the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge until our most recent visit. Due to the ongoing g...

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Ringing in the New Year on Sanibel Island

January 13, 2019

Arrival We were thrilled to once again visit Sanibel Island after the holidays to ring in the New Year. After a grueling and mostly sleepless twenty hour drive, we arrived on the island just a few ...

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2017 Year in Review: Travel

December 29, 2017

We all have that daydream. The daydream in which money is no object and time is endless. Responsibilities and anchors are distant memories. I have an insatiable wanderlust. 2017 was a terrific y...

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Sanibel in December

December 27, 2017

Before the bleakness of Midwest Winter set in, we were lucky to enjoy a mild, long weekend getaway on Sanibel Island. As our Missouri temperatures continue to dwindle towards negative numbers, I am mi...

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