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Getting Married?

Your love story is unique. I want to help you tell it, visually.

If you have found yourself here to learn more about Wedding Photography, first off – Congratulations! Secondly, I hope that this page will help in guiding you towards your decision, and will continue to help you as your plan your Wedding Day.


What will working with me on your wedding day be like?

There are a lot of different ways to answer this question, but the easiest way to describe my wedding photography approach is in a ‘documentarian’ style. Documenting the day is more of a hands-off approach; for the most part I will be observing and photographing events as they unfold with little intervention and direction. I prefer to photograph a wedding organically as it happens, as opposed to creating posed or unauthentic moments. That said, throughout the day I will occasionally step in and offer my advice on placement, location and lighting, but I avoid outright-directing a wedding so that you can experience your wedding day as you should…I want you to truly live in those moments. To create image diversity, I will add in traditional photography as well as creative and artistic photography (my favorite part!)


How I Approach Wedding Photography

I truly believe that establishing a closer connection with my wedding clients is a key ingredient to creating genuine, emotional storytelling. Photographs are one of the few remaining tangible artifacts from your wedding. Being able to reconnect to those emotions through photography will bring you back to that special place in time, over and over again.

When telling someone’s story, I believe capturing the details and surroundings are very important. I take time to photograph venue and architectural images along with the smaller details that are often overlooked, but provide context to your wedding day.

Whether you and your guests are in a place of reverence or jubilant celebration, I want to capture those moments in a personal way. While some elements of photography can be subjective – the emotional connections are what will ultimately prevail through time.

Your Engagement Session – What to Expect & How to Prepare

practice makes perfect

The Engagement Session provides a great opportunity for us to get to know each other before your wedding day. The Engagement Session is complimentary, consider it a gift for booking a wedding with me. Your are not obligated to participate, however I strongly encourage it. Knowing and trusting your photographer is an important key to creating genuine photographs that depict who you are as a couple. It is important to me to develop an authentic connection with my clients.

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Patterns, bold colors and accessories photograph very well. Feel free to get creative with your wardrobe. While it is great to complement your future spouse in photos, that doesn’t mean that you need to wear matching outfits. If your other half is more comfortable in solid colors, try choosing something with a little texture. Subtle patterns are a great way to add contrast to your images. Be creative, and let your unique personality shine through.

Plan a fun activity! Incorporate a shared interest or hobby into your session. Often times, our pets are our first “children”. I love animals – feel free to bring your pet(s) along for some fun!

And remember, practice makes perfect. Practice your posing and smiles before your session. Trust me, it will make a difference.

Your Wedding Day – What to Expect & How to Prepare

getting ready for the big day

I will be capturing one of the most important milestones in your new life together – something I take very seriously. Your wedding day will be a day full of emotion…and scrambling to get everything done on time! My best advice on your wedding day? Slow down. Take your time and enjoy yourself. Live in these moments. I know that this is much easier said than done. With so many thoughts racing through your mind, I will help to remind you to slow down, smile and above all – enjoy each and every moment.

As a wedding photographer, it is very important for me to document the day as it is really happening – you’ll find that I will be quietly moving about in the background in some situations, and in other situations I may intervene to lightly pose or direct you.

On your wedding day, things might not go exactly as planned. To keep stress at a minimum, I strongly encourage you to allow for extra time for photography. In the event that tasks run longer than anticipated or that anything “unscheduled” happens, having extra time padded between events will ensure that we will not miss out on photographic opportunities. During the timeline planning process, we will iron out all of the timing details to ensure that you will have peace of mind on your wedding day, rather than scrambling to accommodate any last-minute hiccups.

Timeline Planning

Let’s be real – weddings can be overwhelming to plan. There are so many options, so many vendors, so many moving parts…coordinating all of those variables can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! Throughout the planning process, I will be there for you to offer advice and help you construct a wedding day timeline that incorporates all of those important moments, while allowing us time to be creative with your photography.


Make time for creative photography.

If there is anything I would implore – please make ample time for creative photography. Most of your day will be covered in a more photo journalistic and documentary style; I will primarily photograph events as they unfold. To create diversity throughout the day, we will plan several segments dedicated solely to creative photography. Let’s work together throughout the timeline planning process to ensure we have scheduled “alone” time for us to step aside, find a beautiful setting and landscape, and work together to execute creative images that will amaze you.

Wedding Photography Collections



A thoughtfully curated selection of the most important moments of your wedding day

STARTS AT $1,200


A broader selection of imagery that typically covers moments of all major events

STARTS AT $2,000


A comprehensive collection of images that will fully capture your wedding story

STARTS AT $3,200


How many images will we receive?

For an average, 8 hour wedding, I will deliver approximately 300-600 fully edited photographs. This number varies depending on many factors, but I will produce a minimum of 20 images per hour of coverage. Photography is my artwork, so I do not deliver unedited, raw image files. I personally edit and retouch every image before delivering your high resolution files.

When will we receive our wedding images?

Your images will be delivered approximately 8-12 weeks after your wedding day. Your wedding images will be cherished for a lifetime – a fact I take seriously. I personally edit all of my photographs, and I do take the extra care in making sure what I deliver to you is of the highest quality. I know that waiting for your images to be completed is hard…so I’ll provide ample sneak peeks along the way.

Do you offer professional prints & albums?

Absolutely. Every wedding package includes a high resolution download gallery where you can easily order prints from a professional lab on a variety of paper types and settings. A typical print order will ship within five days from the time your order is submitted. For my fine-art, archival prints, a custom order must be placed via email.

Do you travel?

Yes. Whether you’re eloping or hosting a destination wedding, I would love to travel with you to document your celebration. I love to travel and see new places when I have that elusive free weekend…you can view my travel adventures on my Personal Work page.

Let’s schedule an in-person consultation!

I would love to meet you in person to learn more about yourselves and your wedding day plans! Allow me to treat you to your favorite coffee / drink as we get to know each other. We’ll formally introduce ourselves, talk wedding-day plans, and go over any questions you have.

Let’s schedule an in-person consultation!

I would love to meet you in person to learn more about yourselves and your wedding day plans! Allow me to treat you to your favorite coffee / drink as we get to know each other. We’ll formally introduce ourselves, talk wedding-day plans, and go over any questions you have.