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Bowood Farms retail storefront

The storefront entrance to Bowood Farms.

The Studio at Bowood is a multi-purpose venue located just behind the Bowood Farms retail location in the Central West End (CWE). Located in Clarksville, Missouri, Bowood Farms is a fourth-generation family farm specializing in grain and pollinator plant production. Bowood sells various live and dried plants, accessories, and other bespoke items at their retail shop located at 4605 Olive Street in St. Louis.

After rehabilitating a dilapidated automotive warehouse in 2006, the building is now a beautiful retail and event space. Various perennials, annuals, and herbs grown on the family farm in Clarksville are brought to Bowood’s CWE location for sale.

“Our mission is to foster a love of the garden and the natural world for generations to come, while helping you enhance your home, workplace and neighborhood”.

– Bowood Farms Mission Statement


Dried flower arrangements and live plants

The showroom at Bowood’s retail location in the Central West End, filled with live plants, dried botanicals, and beautiful accessories.

Live plants in showroom

Bowood Farms has expanded into several ventures located within the same block in the CWE: located inside the shop is Cafe Osage, The Studio, located behind the retail space, and across the street is Holliday, an apothecary-like retail store featuring a curated collection of stationery, home decor, gifts and more.

Outdoor greenhouse
The outdoor courtyard offers many more plants for sale.
Indoor greenhouse

I will often plan a visit to Bowood Farms after an early morning walk around the Botanical Gardens. I love stopping by Cafe Osage for a delicious hot latte and a micro-greens and goat cheese frittata.

The Studio at Bowood

The Studio at Bowood

The Studio at Bowood is an event space where guests can explore creativity with botanicals. I have taken several classes at the Studio on watercolor calligraphy and holiday wreath-making. Most recently, I enjoyed an hour-long class on creating pressed flower arrangements. The studio interior is bright and airy, with ample natural light filling the rooms.

Bowood Farms Pressed Flower Arrangement Class

Raw materials provided by Bowood. Pressed botanicals, dogwood-died cloth, matting and frame.

Studio Materials

I arrived to a large worktable with all of the class materials neatly laid out for use. Pressed botanicals, watercolors, cloths dyed in dogwood and a frame with matting were available to participants to use in our crafting. Because of the pandemic, safety restrictions are in place at Bowood. Participants must sign a waiver, wear a mask, and have their temperature taken.

During the creative process class instructor Anne Berman discussed various methods of flower pressing, preservation and floral arranging.

Bowood Farms Studio Class Flowers in Frame

The finished piece.

After selecting my backdrop and botanicals, it was time to create my pressed arrangement. Small glue dots hold the florals in place against the purple backdrop.

A visit to Bowood Farms is always a joy. There are so many pretty things to look at; I always arrive with a smile and leave inspired to create something beautiful.

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