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Saying farewell to your family home can be wrought with emotion. Experiences and memories created and stored throughout the decades breathes life into a home. When it comes time to move on, it feels as though you are losing a part of yourself.

After my father in law retired to Florida, the Kuehne Family Home was the first to go. Not long after, my parents made the tough decision to sell our cabin on the lake to move closer into town. And now, the Beckner Family Home in Kirkwood is on the market as my in-laws prepare to fully retire on Sanibel Island. In every instance, saying goodbye to the places that hold so many of my life’s memories has been difficult.

Linen Photo Album

My mother in law wanted to memorialize their home one last time. My in-laws have put so much work and effort into their home and surrounding landscape throughout the decades and wanted some nice photographs to remember it by. We enjoyed a beautiful summer evening reminiscing and photographing their home and gardens.

I will miss the beauty of the large Magnolia Tree in the front yard.

The Front PorchSaying Farewell to the Family Home

My mother and father in law have spent many years curating and maintaining their beautiful gardens. I can only hope the future homeowners will appreciate their efforts and will continue the work.

Black and White Images from AlbumWater Garden by side of Family HomeWater Drainage Stones

I remember the days my husband helped to install these water drainage stones in the back yard.

Garden Plants Purple ConeflowerAdditional Garage, Farewell to Family Home

As I look back at these images I remember all of the holidays spent here. The birthday celebrations, our wedding rehearsal dinner, and many summer nights spent outside on the deck. It is difficult to say goodbye, and it is sad to move on. To say farewell to a place that myself and my husband’s family holds so dear. But with this passing new memories will be made on Sanibel Island, for many more years to come.

Technical: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, Canon 50mm f/1.2 L USM