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Among their closest friends and family, Sarah & Patrick exchanged their vows at the Whittemore House garden on Washington University’s campus.

I was initially contacted by Sarah’s mother, Patricia, who was a guest at a wedding I photographed in the Fall of 2016. Patricia joyfully described her daughter’s upcoming wedding – and I was delighted to hear the overview of the wedding details; an intimate garden ceremony in the heart of U. City.

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Sarah and Patrick late last Fall for their initial in-person consultation and engagement session at Cliff Cave Park in South County. It was client-love-at-first-sight; Sarah and Patrick’s wedding celebration ideals and theology embodied my own – they wished for a personal, close-knit celebration among cherished family and friends. I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting.

The day before, I had the opportunity to be present at the ceremony rehearsal. The ceremony format was a secret to the guests – so only the bride, groom, myself and the wedding planners were allowed to attend the ceremony portion of rehearsal.

Built in 1912 by Washington University’s campus architect Henry Haarstick, the Whittmore House originally served as the home for one of Mr. Haarstick’s daughters. The home was kept in the family for decades, but was ultimately donated to the University in 1966.

On September 20, 1982, the Whittemore House was admitted to the National Register of Historic Places Collection, and is presently home to the Whittemore House Club.

A brick path along the Eastern side of the home leads guests to the house garden, where Sarah & Patrick are to marry.

Sarah’s mother helps her prepare for the ceremony. I loved Sarah’s wedding gown – the lacy details were stunning. I found it to be the perfect mix of intricate, yet simple femininity.

After the final touches are made, Sarah anxiously awaits meeting her Groom. I love photographing a bride in this moment; the anticipation is always a very emotional time.

Sarah & Patrick share a first look and take a brief moment to collect their emotions before walking to the ceremonial arch. It was a teary, heart-felt moment!

After sharing their First Look, a view of the ceremony guests, in anticipation of greeting the Bride & Groom.

Visiting first with the Bride’s Parents, Sarah’s mother and father share their love and well-wishes for the new couple.

Sarah looks with tearful eyes to her new Mother-in-law, as Patrick’s family shares their best advice and love for the couple.

Sarah and Patrick asked each of their weddings guest to bring two items with them to the ceremony; first a small bag of dirt from their homes. Each group emptied the soil into the ceremonial tree-planting pot, to signify the foundation upon which Sarah and Patrick’s new life together will be built.

And secondly, each guest was asked to bring two flowers – one to keep and the other to present to the Bride, to build her wedding bouquet.

The couple shares their First Dance and husband and wife.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Nashleanas!

It was such a pleasure documenting your moving, thoughtful and incredibly beautiful wedding ceremony. Wishing you both a lifetime of adventure and happiness. Cheers to the great that awaits you both.

xoxo, Lindsay

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Reception Venue & Catering : The Whittemore House at Washington University & Catering Saint Louis