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The month of August is considered the “off-season” for Sanibel Island, where temps reach yearly highs and the dreaded “no-see-ums” are out in full force. Despite the heat and insatiable insects, we enjoyed a relaxing stay on the Island. The early morning and evening temps were certainly tolerable, but what pleased me the most was the beautiful atmospheric conditions. There are many photos from our trip that involve the sky; full of clouds and smatterings of brilliant colors, it was difficult to look downward from the sky.

I traveled with regional airline, Allegiant Airlines, and had a very pleasant experience. We flew out of Belleville, Illinois and landed at the Punta Gorda airport, which lies about one hour north of the Island.

To view the sunset, we traveled west to Captiva Island.

As stormier skies settled into the area, I was delighted to see some Mammatus clouds.

On our last day on the Island, we enjoyed a final sunrise overlooking the distant Fort Meyers and Naples.

Pelicans enter formation high above.

A tiny Sanderling bird patrols the beach for tasty treats as the tide recedes.

While some birds are skittish, many are acclimated to the presence of humans. These Willet birds did not seem to mind me being so close by.

The island is lush with delicate flora. This varietal of the Plumeria family is a favorite.

One last look before returning home.

Until our next visit!

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