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Point Ybel Light, Sanibel Light House


We were thrilled to once again visit Sanibel Island after the holidays to ring in the New Year. After a grueling and mostly sleepless twenty hour drive, we arrived on the island just a few hours before the sun would begin to rise over the distant cities of Fort Meyers and Naples. After sleeping for a few hours, we decided to take a leisurely six-mile walk up and down the eastern coastline. The weather over our week-long stay was perfect; mostly sunny and mild, with temperatures in the mid-70’s. Something I miss dearly as we currently endure our first snowstorm of 2019 back home, in Missouri. We spent our first full day on the island mostly recovering from the long car ride.

Sunrise Along the Coastline

The next several mornings, I rose early to watch the sun rise over Fort Meyers. The air along the coastline was mistier than usual, producing a hazy pink light across the landscape. It was surprising to see so many people on the island. Typically our visits to Sanibel are enjoyed mostly in solitude; tourism was high this time around, with large crowds near the lighthouse, especially.

Hazy pink light falls along the Sanibel Island coastlineA fisherman casts his net in the distance

A fisherman casts his net into the ocean.

Birds fly into the sunriseMotorists coast the smooth waters at sunriseVarious birds gather for breakfastVegetation washes up on the shore. A blue stone crab

There were many blue crab carcasses along the shoreline.

Birds awaiting their ocean meal

Lush, Tropical Vegetation

When we visit Sanibel Island we are fortunate to stay at Shell Seekers Cottage, a duplex located near East Gulf and Nerita Street. A short walk to the beach, this cozy, updated cottage is the perfect place for us to decompress after a long day of island exploration. The cottage offers every modern amenity, yet is secluded enough that we feel immersed in nature. After our morning stroll, I ventured into the cottage’s lush, back yard to observe the tropical plant life and island Anoles.

Shell Seekers CottageLush vegetation

Thick vegetation separates Shell Seekers Cottage from the neighboring property.

Tropical landscape

The lush, tropical back yard is teeming with lizards and insects.

A brown anole lizard looks for food

A Brown Anole steadfastly observes the ground below, looking for tiny insects.

A brown anole lizard looks for food

Considered an invasive species, the Brown Anole migrated to Florida from Cuba and the Bahamas.

A colorful spiders web covered with water droplets

Tiny water droplets adorn these spider webs.

A colorful spiders web covered with water dropletsAn iguana cautiously looks back

An iguana cautiously looks back before scurrying off into the wilderness.

Sanibel Island Astrophotography

The sky was impeccably clear later that evening. Thankfully, I had my tripod and shutter remote with me and I took a few photographs of the night sky.

Foggy Weather Conditions

The third morning was very unusual. As a thick fog blanketed the coastline, the moisture in the air created a haze that made focusing on subjects difficult for my camera. The weather conditions provided an interesting view not often seen when we visit.

Foggy beach morning Sanibel birds in morning fog

A Snowy Egret walks along the waves in solitude. A group of Willet Shore birds zigzag along the waves.

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