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Did you know there are tigers in Missouri? After the Thanksgiving Holiday, we took a little road trip to visit Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary, a non-profit wildlife rescue located West of the Highway 32 and Highway 55 Exit in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. The noble mission of Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary is to provide lifelong care for big cats that have been abused, neglected, or are unwanted from other captive habitats. Their primary, long-term vision is to see all big cats in their natural environments and to hopefully, one day eliminate the need for sanctuaries. The sanctuary does not breed or sell any of their residents. Instead, the sanctuary provides permanent care in an enriching and comfortable environment.

Gracie basks in the warm sunlight.


Our visit began with a 45 minute guided tour by one of the sanctuary’s informative and friendly docents. We were delighted to meet the current residents at Crown Ridge – a male Siberian hybrid tiger named Izzy and sisters, Thor and Gracie.


Thor “chuffs” for the group. Chuffing is a form of non-threatening vocalization best described as a breathy snort.

After our informative tour, we ventured to the sanctuary education center and gift shop. Inside, visitors can feel a real tiger pelt and see examples of various tiger anatomy, like teeth and a skull. Jace brought home his own little tiger friend, named after sanctuary resident, Thor.

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary is a highly reputable non-profit establishment that takes great care in providing a comfortable, natural environment with enriching activities for their inhabitants. Providing lifelong care for their big cats is very costly. Please consider donating to their wonderful cause!

To learn more about the Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary and how you can help their mission, please visit their website at