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Travel & Nature Photojournalism

If you’re from Saint Louis, then you most likely understand that the weather here is often unpredictable in the Spring. I had nearly postponed Christine & Brent’s scheduled engagement session due to the incoming strong thunderstorms…that in actuality, never happened. Thankfully, the clouds dispersed and we enjoyed a beautiful evening at Klondike Park in Augusta, Missouri.

Thankfully, Christine and Brent were prepared to hike with me. We found this covered path along the way and stopped for a few portraits. I loved how the low-hanging tree branches enveloped the trail.

Rocky cliff-sides provide beautifully interesting backgrounds.

Klondike Park is a nature-lover’s wonderland. As you walk around Klondike Park, you might forget that you’re in the Missouri countryside. The white sands along the lake illuminate the grounds in brilliant white, that much to my delight – serves as a natural reflector.

The setting sun in the background created beautiful back lighting.

Earlier in the day as we were scouting, Matt found several cacti that we would later use for a ring shot.

This area of the park gives me desert-vibes in the BEST way.

As the sun set behind the trees, our session came to an end. For one last photograph, I positioned Christine and Brent near the lake. The light was beautiful.

I am very excited to celebrate with these two on their wedding day!