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One of my favorite early-summer spots in the botanical garden are the shallow reflecting pools near the Linnean House.

Every July the water lilies begin to bloom at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Colorful flowers and lily pads illuminate the dark waters beneath, enticing dragonflies and garden visitors alike. With hues of white, peach, yellow, and magenta, they are sure to please any observer.

Water Lilies in a Reflecting Pool Green Water Lily Pads

Visiting a reflecting pool provides an excellent opportunity to practice meditation and exercise mindfulness. The shallow waters are calm and mostly free of distraction, allowing visitors to disconnect from calamity and appreciate the beauty of stillness.

The comforting allure of the dark waters encourages the observer to relax, look inward, and take time to consider life and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Yellow Water Lily

Water lilies are in bloom annually from July through October. Be sure to visit the reflecting pools near the Climatron to see more of the garden’s collection.

Lily Pads with Sky in Reflection

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Technical: Fujifilm X100V