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Earlier this year, my parents sold our family home – the home I spent most of my life in. Our little log cabin in the woods; my sanctuary from the city. It was difficult to let that part of our family past go, but I understood the reasoning – the upkeep of over 11 acres of property and living thirty minutes from town was becoming more of a chore for my parents. With retirement on the horizon, my parents wished for a home with less laborious maintenance and something closer to town that didn’t involve miles of gravel road.

My parents found a piece of property on the northern edge of Farmington and decided to build a home from scratch. As they have started the move-in process, it is starting to feel more like a home to us all. I’ll miss the tranquility of private lake-life, but I am excited to continue our family gatherings here in their new home.

For my brother’s fall family portraits, we ventured into the new back yard and found some lovely golden autumnal tones that were perfect for the session.

While our parent’s new home is complete, the landscaping is not. Currently, the back yard is comprised of several large heaps of dirt – which has been a wonderland for my nephew. He calls this mound his “castle”. I cannot think of a better way to summarize boyhood than the idea of getting to stomp around in the dirt while sporting your favorite superhero undies.