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A newcomer to the St. Louis hospitality scene, the Angad Arts Hotel is an eclectically delightful mix of artistic fun and luxury accommodations. Nestled in the Grand Center Arts District, Angad Arts is located just a few blocks north of our wedding venue, ANEW Rooftop + Test Kitchen. We initially selected the hotel for its close proximity to ANEW, and we were absolutely pleased with the incredible care and service of the hotel staff and management.

Hotel guests can select their room by emotion of color. We selected the Tranquility Blue Room simply for photographic purposes, but you can also select from Passion Red, Rejuvenation Green or Happiness Yellow.

The King Suite features ample kitchen and dining space, perfect for entertaining.

An artist’s self portrait.

This is actually a lamp, photographed at night. It reminds me of the Sun.

The view from our 11th story room.

Sunrise over the city.

We highly recommend the Angad Arts Hotel to anyone that is seeking a fun and luxurious stay in the Grand Center Arts District. With mesmerizing artwork displays, an indoor lounge and rooftop bar, a high-profile signature restaurant and an interactive playroom, the Angad Arts has a lot of magic and whimsy to offer.


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