St. Louis Wedding Photography

We really enjoy local trips to discover and explore unique locations in Missouri. As a wedding photographer, the weekend getaway is far and few between due to always working on Saturdays, so this overnight trip to Laclede, Missouri was the perfect rural getaway.

I came across a blog post from the site, ““, detailing a boardwalk trail at Pershing State Park, located in Northern/Central Missouri. We traveled to Laclede over Memorial Day Weekend, and it was HOT and humid, leaving the boardwalk trail dry, unfortunately. Upon reflection, I would recommend visiting in the Fall when precipitation is a little higher to experience the full presentation of the boardwalk. I will note, however, that if there were a lot of standing water during our trip, the mosquitoes would have been unbearable. Along the trail we saw a lot of fungi, a Grey Catbird or two, various squirrels and plenty of bugs.

Pictured: Low level water found at the boardwalk trail entrance (left). The last portion of the wetlands boardwalk before entering the scorching heat of the Savannah plain (right).

Pictured: A quick stop at the historic Locust Creek Covered Bridge on our way to our overnight accommodations.

We arrived to our Airbnb, named Ole’ Blue, shortly before a beautiful sunset. The grounds on which this old farmhouse stands provide a peaceful pond, rolling Missouri hills, and the perfect place to unwind, disconnect and enjoy nature.

The farmhouse interior is bright, well-decorated, and very cozy! Our hosts graciously left us a basket of assorted eggs from their chickens. We ate every single one the next morning.

Ole’ Blue is surrounded by beautiful flora and vegetables. I sipped on some coffee while photographing these flowers, with roosters crowing and horses bellowing their morning wake-up calls in the distance.

My favorite part of our stay was exploring the grounds to visit with the farm animals. We were greeted by chickens, goats, a rabbit (and her tiny babies!) along with a few friendly cats and a super-sweet Golden Retriever.

Our final stop along the trip home was at Graham Cave State Park, located near Hwy 40 near High Hill, Missouri. Graham Cave is most notable for its age; artifacts discovered at the site indicate that the cave was inhabited roughly 8,000 – 10,000 years ago. While the cave is now blocked off to protect the historic site from damage, visitors can walk underneath the cave’s overhang. Pictured above is a portion of the cave ceiling. This cave would have provided excellent protection from the elements during our hunter-gatherer days.