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MOBOT Orchid Show

Theme: Flora Mesoamerica

February 1 to March 22

Every year the Missouri Botanical Gardens hosts an incredible display of orchids at their annual Orchid Show. I was delighted to see several new species (new to me, anyway) this year!

This year’s theme focuses on orchid species native to the Mesoamerican region of North America. The term Mesoamerica refers to a culturally-defined region of Central America that consists of indigenous cultures that share common cultural traits and history.

Included in this region are areas of Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. The peoples of this region flourished until the 16th century, when Spanish colonization would tragically bring European diseases that nearly decimated entire populations.

Below is a show preview of what Flora Mesoamerica will offer guests this year at the Missouri Botanical Garden. A more in-depth blog post will follow with photographs taken with my 100mm macro lens.

Technical Info: Fujifilm x100F Camera

Orchid Show Overview Purple and White Orchids Botanical Garden Orchid Show Mesoamerican Display Botanical Garden Orchid Show Display Orchids and moss Mesoamerican headdress display Close up of billowy white orchids Many species of color orchids arranged on trees A dark green fern More greenery Yellow and Orange orchids Close up of orchid Botanical Garden Orchid Greenery Greenery in a dark pond Botanical Garden Orchid Show Displays Botanical Garden Orchid Show Display


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