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Travel & Nature Photojournalism

We all have that daydream.

The daydream in which money is no object and time is endless.
Responsibilities and anchors are distant memories.
I have an insatiable wanderlust.

2017 was a terrific year in travel for us. From touring our home state of Missouri to multiple return trips to Sanibel Island, incredible adventures in Colorado and an international trip to the Dominican Republic, we traveled more this year than ever. And I loved every moment. I hope you will enjoy this overview of our travels.

I. Sanibel Island, Florida <–Click to Read More

II. Fort Davidson, Missouri

III. Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Missouri

IV. Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City

V. Budweiser Brewery Tour, Saint Louis, Missouri

VI. Missouri Botanical Gardens, Saint Louis, Missouri <–Click to Read More

VII. Splitlimb Ranch Farms, Missouri <–Click to Read More

VIII. Alley Mill Spring, Eminence, Missouri

IX. Onondaga Cave State Park, Missouri

X. Independence Day, Chesterfield, Missouri <–Click to Read More

XI. Sanibel Island, Florida <–Click to Read More

XII. The Great American Total Solar Eclipse, Farmington, Missouri <–Click to Read More

XIII. Colorado Springs, Colorado <–Click to Read More

XIV. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic <–Click to Read More

XV. Sanibel Island, Florida <–Click to Read More

And so onto our next year of incredible adventures.Happy New Year!